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Bobby Chez Gourmet To Go

Our Story

Renowned as the “King of Crab Cakes,” Bobby Chez’s culinary passion defines his life story. Locals remember Chez Robert, voted “Best Gourmet Restaurant” in the area. As a child, Bobby Chez cooked with his mom at the country club grill and his dad at his steakhouse. Even as a wee lad, Bobby displayed an entrepreneurial flair, offering 12 flavors of snow cones when the other kids sold three.

Today, Bobby “Chez” Sliwowski’s lifelong joie de cuisine has launched the future of dining – Fast, healthy, gourmet you heat at home.

Starting with his late father’s recipe, Bobby Chez developed his signature crab cakes made with fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, breadcrumbs, flour, butter, milk, green pepper, onion, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Lightly browned, then refrigerated, they are taken home and reheated.

Bobby was soon making 30,000 crab cakes a week, including for over forty restaurants, many of which passed them off as their own. Bobby has sold hundreds of thousands of crab cakes on national shopping networks who named Bobby Chez Famous Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes the “Best Crab Cake” two years in a row.

The culinary creativity that has made the Bobby Chez a staple in thousands of homes will soon be coming to locations across the region and nationwide.

Bobby Chez Gourmet Menu

Gourmet to Go

Bobby Chez’s “gourmet to go” concept represents the future of dining – Fast, healthy gourmet that you heat at home.

Research shows that:


wish they could cook a healthy dinner more quickly


are tired of cooking at home


are bored with comfort foods


are craving something new

Gourmet to Go solves this growing segment – especially for busy families and professionals who seek fast, healthy cuisine without the demands and concerns of sit-down dining.

Bobby’s original menu has expanded to include jumbo shrimp, homemade mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, chicken pot pies, seafood specialties, Italian dishes, and more. 

Seafood and poultry is purchased fresh, and nothing sold is more than one day old. Each day the freshly prepared food is prepared in each location. Our seafood and other specialties are par-cooked with reheating instructions to finish at home.

Bobby Chez Gourmet To Go Restaurant Formats

Restaurant Formats

Bobby Chez is a versatile concept that can operate in many different city and suburban locations:

  • Most Bobby Chez restaurants are typically located in busy shopping centers with ample parking and traffic
  • A franchise location generally requires a 1000 – 1,400 square-foot space.
  • Our kitchen design and attractive display cases create a fresh gourmet ambiance.
  • Most sales are takeout, but limited seating and sidewalk tables can accommodate on-site dining.

Revenue Potential

What distinguishes Bobby Chez is our multiple revenue streams that include:

Economical Model: High-volume takeout without the expensive footprint of a conventional restaurant
Multiple Dayparts: Sales traffic during lunch and dinner as customers pick up gourmet-to-go for later heating and serving
Significant Catering Component: Our crab cakes and other specialties travel well for reheating at dinner parties, corporate events, receptions, and get-togethers
In-House Dining: It’s not the revenue leader, but it builds a following and adds to the profits
Profitable: Our mix drives high-end ticket sales and produces systemwide average net revenues of $990,197*

Franchisee Support

Bobby Chez sees its franchise partners as part of a growing family. We are motivated to see you succeed at every step.

Site Selection and Construction

We leverage our site selection expertise and start-to-finish construction support to complete the buildout of your Bobby Chez store.

Grand Opening

Our launch team will help you develop a checklist program that includes advertising, public relations, promotion, social media, and grand opening events.

Franchise Coaching

We provide online and field support to develop your marketing, retail sales, operations, and growth strategies through every stage of ownership.


We work with leading point-of-sale technology providers to help you serve your customers efficiently while running your business seamlessly.

Our POS system integrates inventory management, recipes, and sales and labor data with store schedules, catering, and third-party delivery.


Bobby Chez provides in-store collateral, targeted advertising, social media brand stories, seasonal promotions, in-shop signage, and more. Our marketing playbook provides a step-by-step calendar to keep your name in front of your customers.

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 * Four corporately-owned Bobby Chez locations were included in this financial performance representation, and three out of the four (75%) locations reported achieving or surpassing $990,197 in gross sales from January 2021 through December 2021. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. Full financial performance representations can be found in our Franchise Disclosure Document.